Garbage and Recycling

Garbage & Recycling Guidelines

Curbside Recycling Guide

See Below to Download The PDF Copy of the Garbage and Recycling Calendar.

*** Per Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal- If a holiday falls in the week of our normal pickup before our normal pickup day (Wednesday), pickup will be pushed back one day (to Thursday).***

(If you have questions on this, please call either Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal or the Clerk.)

Garbage must be put in bags in the garbage cart. Recyclables must be placed loosely in the recycling cart  (do NOT put recyclables in a bag in the cart).

Large items in our Town are picked up every other Tuesday (opposite weeks as garbage pickup). You must call Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal for pricing and to schedule pickup by 2pm on Monday before pickup day.

Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal picks up garbage and recycling every other Wednesday.

If a homeowner wishes to purchase additional carts, they can call Harters to request this. Additional cart costs are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Acceptable Recyclables

GLASS (empty & rinse)
food & beverage bottles & jars
(Do NOT accept: window glass, ceramics, china, drinking glasses)

PLASTIC (empty, rinse & replace caps & lids)
ALL plastic bottles, cups & containers
household bottles, jars & jugs
dairy containers & lids
produce, bakery & deli containers & lids
(Do NOT accept: plastic bags, wrap or film, motor oil bottles, styrofoam)

METAL (empty & rinse)
aluminum bottles & cans
steel & tin cans
empty aerosol cans
(Do NOT accept: aluminum pans or foil, empty paint cans, scrap metal)

PAPER (shred paper in a paper bag & staple shut, flatten & cut boxes to 2' x 2')
newspaper & inserts
cardboard & paperboard (food boxes
milk, juice & soup cartons
office & school paper
junk mail & catalogs
phonebooks, books & magazines
(Do NOT accept: tissue paper & pet food bags)

CAN COLLECTION SITE: The aluminum can collection site is located at Harry Leib Memorial Park in the community of Green Valley. Proceeds from this fund go to upkeep and upgrades for the town parks, including equipment.