Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Tom Smith

Phone: (920) 655-1735
Email: [email protected]

Building and Remodelling

Obtain necessary permits before you begin your building or remodeling projects.
There are penalties for beginning a project before you have the necessary permits.

1) Contact Shawano County Planning & Zoning (715-526-6766) to obtain a Land
Use Permit and inquire about zoning questions, variances and Conditional Use

2) Contact Town of Green Valley Plan Commission (Secretary, Carol Nygaard 715-
745-6056) to obtain a driveway, culvert or field access permit.

3) Contact Tom Smith, Building Inspector to obtain a building permit.
Email: [email protected]

Variances and Conditional Use Permits require public hearings at the Town level before
being sent on to Shawano County. Town ordinance & state statutes require publication
and posting for public hearings at least 15 days prior to the hearing; in addition, a
mailing to the neighbors is required both at the Town and County level for most Public

If you need a driveway or field access permit, you must obtain an application first. Then
the site has to be viewed by a Town designated member prior to the actual permit being

If you want to complete a building addition, deck extension, etc you must apply for the
required permits prior to start of the project. This will prevent you from having to pay
fines and/or remove the new project.

Be aware of the Town’s No Parking Ordinance (see Ord. 2005-01).