Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Tom Smith

Phone: (920) 655-1735
Email: [email protected]

Building and Remodelling

A reminder that you need to obtain necessary permits before you begin your building or remodeling projects. Check with the Town if you have any questions.

There are penalties for beginning a project before you have the necessary permits. Tom Smith is the Town’s Building Inspector, call him at (920) 655-1735, email: [email protected], website:

Variances and Conditional Use Permits require public hearings at the Town level before being sent on to Shawano County. Town ordinance & state statutes require publication and posting for public hearings at least 15 days prior to the hearing; in addition, a mailing to the neighbors is required both at the Town and County level for most Public Hearings.

Remember the Town’s No Parking Ordinance – contact anyone on the Town Board for further information or contact the clerk to set up a time to review the actual ordinance.

Just a friendly reminder that if you need a driveway or field access permit, you must obtain an application first. Then the site has to be viewed by a Town designated member prior to the actual permit being issued.

Also if you are going to be doing any building additions, deck extensions, etc you must apply for the required permits prior to start of the project. This will prevent you from having to pay fines and/or removing the new project.