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Town of Green Valley

Welcome to the Town of Green Valley!

Green Valley

The Town of Green Valley Community Center is located at W1734 Hwy E, Cecil.
The Town of Green Valley is located in the northeastern corner of Shawano County, is approximately 36 square miles and has a population estimate of 1093.

A group of citizens from the Town of Washington presented a petition to Shawano County to set off and organize a separate Town. The Shawano County Board of Supervisors established the Town of Green Valley on March 17, 1873. The first settlers began to arrive in the territory, now the Town of Green Valley, in the early 1860's. There are several suggestions as to how this area got its name. One suggests the name for the Town was inspired by the Peshtigo Fire of 1871 – apparently because of the many swamps and marshes, creeks and trees, the fire did not burn badly here and left this part of the area green; another suggests several early settlers, who came to the area in the early 1870's, while driving their team over a hill, paused and exclaimed, "This looks like a beautiful green valley!" Perhaps from the view on the hilltop, the green pines and hemlocks made it appear as a valley, but Green Valley actually is flat and fairly level. Whatever the reason, the name Green Valley was given. The name originally was Greenvalley and was changed to two words in July 1957.

The Town of Green Valley was and remains a largely agricultural community, with three primary population centers: the communities of Green Valley, Pulcifer and Advance, all of which possess unique and interrelated histories. The land between these communities is mostly agricultural, with spots of 3 or 4 houses here and there. Some of the Homestead farms in the Town can boast a proud history of their ancestors.

Along with these rural areas, the Township of Green Valley remains a peaceful, friendly, great place to live and raise our families.

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