The State of Wisconsin is a market-value state. This means each municipality must maintain parcel data and assess property to be within at least 10% of fair market value to maintain compliance with state statutes.

In 2022, properties in Green Valley were revalued to 100% market value. A periodic interim market update ensures property values are in compliance with state statutes. From 2023 to 2025 there will not be a town-wide interim market update. Assessors may be reviewing properties that sell, take out permits, add/remove structures, adjust land values, etc. If your property value is adjusted for any reason a notice will be mailed to you. If you do not believe the value to be correct and have evidence to share with the assessor you will have the opportunity to attend an open book meeting with the assessor to review your property.

If you feel the data of your property is incorrect you can also request an inspection from the assessor at any time by contacting them with your information.

When it comes to assessment value, property sales increase/decrease on the open market and assessments will be adjusted during interim market updates to ensure fairness and equity. We will provide information on our website as well as the assessors website to inform you about the next time we make changes to values town-wide.

Assessors will periodically be in the Town to check on permits, new construction, requests for inspections, recent sales, etc. Maintaining up-to-date assessment data ensures proper market data is used to assess your property fairly and equitably

The Town of Green Valley contracts with Accurate Appraisal , LLC for assessment services.  Accurate is a statewide assessment firm with a mission to provide premium service and a product that meets the selected needs of its clients in an accessible, responsive, professional and courteous manner.

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