Community Center

Community Center Rules & Regulations

The Community Center may be rented to Town of Green Valley residents or groups that included Town of Green Valley residents. Rental fees must be paid in advance. Make (2) two checks payable to the Town of Green Valley; one $75.00 check for rental and one $50.00 check as security deposit. If you leave the Community Center clean and have complied with these rules, the security deposit will be returned to you.

The Town Clerk is in charge of booking the Community Center and arrangements are to be made with the clerk for rental of the hall. The key can be picked up from the Clerk and items brought to the Community Center no more than one (1) day prior to the rental date (if not rented the prior day).

Maximum Capacity of the Community Center is 96 per the state’s rules.

Renters Responsibilities

1. CLEAN THE BUILDING THOROUGHLY AFTER USE: this includes the hall, the kitchen and bathrooms. Sweep, wet mop and vacuum the floor. The broom, mop and vacuum cleaner are in the utility room. Please be sure to put these away when you are finished. Please be sure to check the grounds and pick up all litter from the yard.

A. If additional cleaning is found to be necessary, the security deposit will be used for the cleaning.

B. Renter is responsible for any unreasonable damage. Please note any potential problems prior to use. If there is any unreasonable damage to the hall or its contents while being rented, the person renting the hall is responsible and will be billed for the actual cost of repairs.

C. DO NOT LOSE THE KEY. A fee of $ 500.00 will be charged for a lost key. This is the cost if we have to re-key the building.


3. Remove ALL GARBAGE from the premises, including the bathroom waste containers.

4. Be sure toilets are flushed.

5. Be sure all windows are closed.

6. Check to see that all lights are turned off and doors are locked.

7. Decorations –NO thumbtacks or nails are to be used! If tape is used, all evidence of the tape MUST be removed from the walls.

8. If you rent the community center for the day, you have priority for use of the ball field, playground equipment and volleyball court that day.

9. Due to Covid 19, any additional cleaning or supplies and precautions are the responsibility of the renter.

10. Tables and chairs are not to be taken out of the building.

NO SMOKING: No smoking is allowed in the building.

Not following the rules may result in non-refund of security deposit and loss of hall use in the future.


The Town of Green Valley does not assume any liability on any groups or individuals attending functions at the Community Center.

The person(s) signing this form has permission to use the Community Center and shall be responsible for conforming to conditions set forth above.

I (we) have read and understand, the rules & regulations for use of the Green Valley Community Center.

Signed: ______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Telephone: ______________________ Rental Date: __________________

For your convenience we have listed a last minute checklist.

  • Temp is pre-set to 64 for heat & 74 for cooling. On thermostat (behind door in furnace room next to kitchen), on 1st screen push override button (far right box on bottom of screen). On next screen push up or down arrow on right side of screen to adjust temp. Then push button to change “Hold Temp Until Time” on lower left (max will hold is 3 hours). When finished push Done (far left box on bottom of screen).
  • Mop floors including bathrooms.
  • Flush toilets.
  • Empty garbage cans including bathrooms and outside, and take garbage with you.
  • Pick up all garbage on ball field, playground equipment, volleyball court, etc. if you used those areas.
  • Close windows
  • Turn off lights and fans.
  • Check refrigerator so no food is left.
  • Make sure stove is off.
  • Wipe off tables & chairs.
  • Put away chairs and tables you got out. There should have been 4 tables with chairs set up when you arrived. Leave the chairs up that do not fit in the chair rack properly.
  • Lock the doors.

Town Responsibilities

The Town of Green Valley is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing or other items brought to the Community Center or transported to the Community Center property by any group or individual using the center.